Saturday, July 7, 2012


The boys just turned 8 months last week. They are crawling, laughing at each other and crying all the time because apparently teething is pretty painful. I feel bad for them to be honest. Their naps aren't as long as they used to be. They cry at random kind of like they just watched a terrible scene in a movie.
Just the other day I was saying that I miss the days when we could just set them down and they wouldn't go anywhere because they didn't know how to. Or the days that we didn't have to rock them to sleep for 30 minutes because we could just set them down in their cribs and they would just lay there until they fell asleep. I said something to the affect of, "man those were the good ole days". But then Sam gently reminded me of how difficult those days were. How we had to constantly hold a baby. They needed to be carried everywhere. They needed to be held to be fed. As much as I miss those days, I'm definitely over them. I'm excited to watch the boys grow everyday. And it seems like everyday they are up to something new.
Now that we've got this parenting thing down (Not even close) we have decided to take a new direction in our lives. An open marriage. OK, just kidding, but we are both going to be doing grad-school at the same time. We're pretty foolish we know, but we like a challenge! So, keep us in your prayers as we journey through this next phase of life. Thanks for checking in.

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